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The Foundation signs a collaboration agreement with Ifeel Maps

Ifeel Maps is a positive guide which keeps you up-to-date on everything you need to make you feel good about yourself, your community and the environment. Through its web page, it provides search tools to help you find organisations that care about wellbeing and sustainability.

The agreement with the Foundation is formed around the idea that both organisations share the aim of working for a better and more sustainable world. As part of the collaboration, will offer free assessment sessions to all the organisations connected with the Ifeel Maps project, in order to help them explore the opportunities that the Internet can offer.
Here are some of the services provided by Ifeel Maps:

Features more than one thousand organisations in Spain that are committed to working towards a sustainable economy, in sectors such as food, collaborative consumption, education and training, accommodation, maternity and childcare, media, etc.

Events calendar
Includes conferences, workshops, sales, meetings...all of which are related to sustainability, ecology, social development, and much more.

Promoted by Ifeel Maps as a platform to exchange knowledge, it features articles from experts on different topics of interest about sustainability, wellbeing and natural healthcare.

ECO map
Currently available in Barcelona, the ECO map lists organisations, services and charities that share the common aim of fostering environmentally-aware, responsible consumption in the city.  It is distributed for free by representatives on bicycles. You can get your free copy of it at participating stores and premises, as well as in other places of interest such as community centres and libraries. is delighted to be working with Ifeel Maps to build a more responsible and environmentally-engaged society!


Rebeca Febrer
Translation by Jessica Woodward and Victoria Sharvill (
on 09/02/2015
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