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21st April 2015: Google sets date for all websites to update

The existence of websites that don’t comply with responsive web design standards, and so don’t display correctly on mobile phones and tablets, is leading to lost opportunities for organisations and delays in the development of the Information Society. and Google are aiming to address this situation with a set of concrete proposals.

Web Responsive
Google is taking this seriously. Since January 19th, Google has been sending emails to all Webmaster Tools users to inform those webs which do not count with mobile versions, that they will be negatively affected.

Then Google went one step further and set a date for the implementation of new algorithms that manage search results. From April 21st, Google will prioritise responsive, mobile-friendly websites over non-responsive websites.

To help organisations take advantage of this opportunity, is offering an upgrade service for mobile-friendly websites that includes assessments, recommendations and proposals for improvement. The service is free and can be requested by filling out this simple form.

This service, complimented by the management of Google Grants, represents an important opportunity for all organisations.

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Translation by Joe Rizzo-Naudi (
on 09/04/2015
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