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Headline news brings the concept of Technology in Solidarity to Radio Sant Cugat

We participated in the “Societat XXIè” programme to explain our mission to guide organisations in taking advantage of the opportunities that Internet offers.   


On Wednesday November 11, we participated in the “Societat XXIè” programme on Radio Sant Cugat to discuss the concept of Technology in Solidarity and to explain the role and function of The foundation’s director, Ramon Bartomeus, gave an interview at the programme to explain the foundation’s inception, the organisations with whom we work, examples of the work we do, how they get to know us, and the organisation’s funding sources.

During the radio programme, whose objective is to provide people with the latest trends in the area of social impacts of technologies, topics regarding how the internet has transformed societies and the role that has played in the non-profit sector have been shared with the audience for several minutes. “In the 21st century, the explosion of new technologies and the leading role that society plays are changing the world in which we live. We come in at that point where we guide those organisations that help make a better world,” stated the foundation’s director.

Furthermore, “Societat XXIè” has given us the opportunity to talk about Abcore Cadí, our internet services platform, with which hundreds of organisations can efficiently manage their projects on the network.

To listen to the programme, connect to the podcast


Rubén Escobar
Translation by Agnese Santoro
on 20/11/2015
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