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What are the advantages of web hosting?

The association and are embarking on a technological partnership with the hosting of its website. has entrusted with the hosting of its website. This means that, from now on the association will be able to hold its information, images, videos or any of its other website content on the servers we work with, without modifying the site’s design or its domain. What are the advantages of hosting your website with Basically, as of now has a technical partner who works with them and provides support for solving day-to-day issues. “We value having professional support that guarantees us if anything happens, they will be able to help us”, explains Cristina Bajet, an internal manager of the project.

Previously, managed their webpage via Wordpress, a content management system which focuses on website creation and editing. Nowadays, the same Wordpress runs through the Internet Services Platform Abcore Cadí, thus, without losing any functionality, some tools have been added such as rMail which manages emails. What we have achieved with this new partnership is the professional use of some tools. Furthermore, on a technical level, an interactive map has been included on the homepage and some configuration defects have been solved. 

At, we are happy to be able to have an impact on projects such as Permact, an initiative which gives visibility to sustainable alternatives around the world and functions as a hub for projects and organizations which are changing our environment from the ground up.
“At Permact, we value being part of a range of associations that can provide us with networking”, explains Bajet in reference to the relationships they can now establish with other entities of the network.  

Non-profits having as a partner achieve confidence for their projects. Those who want to manage their website using Abcore Cadí, can apply at the following link.  

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