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We are launching an Open Call for Web Projects in the Technology Field!

Following the calls for Sport and Health, the aim of this new grant is to design a modern web page for a technology organisation.

The Foundation has launched an “Open Call for Web Projects in the Technology Field”. The grant aims to design a new web page for an organisation with projects within the technology sector. The goal of the programme is to help organisations in the technology field make the most of the opportunities that the Internet offers, creating the world we want to live in. The project is funded by Ukon Cherry Ltd.

The basis of the call is as follows:

Who can apply?

Amongst the organisations that can apply to the programme are NGOs, associations, federations, foundations, cooperation and development organizations, etc., with links to the technology field.

What’s the objective

Helping organisations in the technology field to make the most of the opportunities that the Internet offers, especially in the environment of web communication.

What does the selection process involve?

  • First phase:  a personalised guidance session will be held by the Foundation with each of the selected applications. The needs of each organisation will be analysed in this first encounter and the best applications will be assessed to design the web page.
  • Second phase: recommendations and proposals will be presented.
  • Third phase: the Grant Committee will select one of the projects that have been given guidance to design the web through the Open Call.

What will the winning project receive?

The creation of the website includes: web hosting and programming in Abcore Cadí, freedom of design on Responsive templates, training of administrators, web communication tools such as newsletters, events or press release services, as well as support. The selected project will receive support at no cost until 2021.

For more information on the Open Call, please use the link below. Applications can be made through the following form.


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Rubén Escobar
Translation by Laura Welsh,
on 00/00/0000
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