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23/04/2009 - Lebiscuno, the winner of our Literary Contest
Lebiscuno, the book of Colombian Katheryn Garcia Johana Pacheco from Bolivar in Cartagena, was the most downloaded in this edition of Contest. Jury also awarded an honorable mention to Yuna by Inma Llavería. We thank the participants and congratulate readers who believed in the importance of our initiative that the internet is also a vehicle of culture.

24/04/2008 - Interview with the winner of our International Book Day Contest
We have used the Internet to learn more about Ronald Castillo Florián, the winner of our Books 2008 Competition. The author already has experience using the Internet to promote his work; in fact he has a blog which he updates daily.

11/01/2008 - We Introduce You to the Winner of Our Postcard Contest
After a lot of deliberating, the jury of's IV Christmas Postcard Contest has decided that the 2007 Winning Card is Navidad con Humor, by Luis Eduardo León, from Columbia. And we wanted to include a mini interview with him, to find out his impressions and motivations:


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