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31/03/2016 - The Orthodoxy Foundation renews the design of its web page using Abcore Cadi technology has also helped to launch the educational campus and to manage electronic mail integrated in the Internet Platform of Services.

29/03/2016 - The 62nd Maria Canals Piano Competition's Internet Success
Since 2007, has been the technology partner collaborating with the piano competition to seize the opportunities offered by the Internet.

19/11/2015 - The Science Night comes to Sabadell with success
We contributed at with the creation of a web page and a promotional video to celebrate this event.    

08/09/2015 - The Obertament Case: Standing Up For Mental Health via Internet
Obertament is fighting against the stigmas surrounding mental health issues by launching an awareness campaign.

18/08/2015 - Red Acoge strengthens bonds with its social bedrock through the use of Abcore technology
The federation and have developped together a project that is starting to get good results.  


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