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31/05/2011 - Nobel Peace Prize 2011 for African Women: NOPPAW
African women are the backbone of their continent and a credible alternative for a new and more humane society. That's why Italy is supporting their nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize 2011.

11/02/2010 - A Nobel Prize for the Internet (and Each and Every One of Us)
For years the Internet has been a tool for watching videos on YouTube, social networking, reading the news,  and checking one's emails.  Today, it is being promoted to have a new functionality: instrument of peace. The Internet is being backed on a global scale for a nomination of the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize. Here are the details…

21/08/2009 - Potters for Peace, an easy and cheap way to make water safe to drink
Water is essential for life. But it has to be in very good condition, otherwise it can transmit diseases. Indeed, in the Aims for the Millennium, approved in 2000, one of the targets to reach by 2015 was to 'reduce by half the number of people lacking access to safe drinking water'. Fortunately, an American NGO called 'Potters for Peace' has found an easy way to reach it: the 'Ceramic Water Filter', a device that makes water safe to drink, a system which filters contaminated water, for very little cost, and which can be made with very simple technology.


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