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20/10/2014 - Do you know and
From believe it is important that organizations are abreast of the latest developments and updates that occur around the Internet and ICT in order to improve their communication strategies and be more effective in its management and daily operation.

03/10/2013 - The 6th International Conference of Conflictology and Peace
On 3 and 4 October 2013 and Smilemundo presented Smile Urbo in the 6th International Conference of Conflictology and Peace.

We presented the project 'Smile Urbo: El juego del pueblo' (The village game), supported by and carried out by Smilemundo.

10/03/2011 - Using technology to understand, engage, serve and retain members
Educational seminar organised by OCSA and PIMEC in partnership with and run by SIGMA

Attracting and retaining members in highly competitive environments

Globalisation and technological changes have given rise to new challenges for companies and new circumstances at work. In the midst of a recession and with much less aid, many associations are struggling to attract and retain their members, who are now more demanding than ever. Through this seminar, we have taken another step towards creating value in communication with members.

03/06/2010 - helps in the Course of Project Design for Conflict Solution and Community Mediation
We enjoy teaching what we know, this is why this June and July we will be part of the teaching team in the online Course of Project Design for Conflict Solution and Community Mediation, which is part of a post-graduate course by the same name, which has been offered by the Univeristy of Girona 5 times before.

19/10/2009 - Mobile Phone Recycling Campaign to Protect the Environment
The mobile phones that we all use and enjoy, without thinking much about the production process, are full of the mineral coltrane. The number of genocides in the Congo that are related to the recovery of coltrane grow every day. It is a shame worldwide where other ecological tragedies of great magnitude should also be added. Nevertheless, more than thirty businesses, the majority of them Western, continue importing minerals from the Congo, regardless of such tragic politics. Easy equation.

06/08/2009 - We present the experience of in the Global Forum UN-GAID was invited to Monterrey (Mexico) to the “Global Forum 2009: ICT & Innovation for Education”, where we will present our experience under the name of: “Involving young people in Innovative Educational ICT Initiatives”.

27/03/2009 - Youth Office in Catalonia covers
What´s the relation between the ICT and volunteering? How can NGOs be active online? What does have to offer to other organisations?

We talk about these issues to Ramon Bartomeus, Resources Manager at and an experienced Third Sector consultant.

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17/03/2009 - EU will invest €22 million in the Information Society in Latin America
The aim of this project is to improve productivity, efficiency, education and the capacity to innovate taking advantage of the Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).

19/01/2009 - attends an important event about ICT and Development
On the next 10th, 11th and 12th February 2009 it will take place in Gijón, Asturias (Spain) the II International Meeting on ICT for Development Cooperation: Cooperation 2.0. is among the speakers. Due to the big interest of the associations and the huge coverage of the event, the deadline for registration has been extended until 3 rd February.

23/12/2008 - Singing Children, winner of the Christmas Postcards contest
Christmas for La Moskitia, sent by Foundation Sid Moskitia, resulted winner in the category of most sent postcard by the internet users.

14/11/2008 - Tic and third sector: Interesting conference in Vienn
The Esplai foundation, ARCI association and D-O-T consulting firm, beneficiary of, with the support of DG JRC-IPTS, are organising the Workshop “e-Inclusion: role of large Third Sector organizations”, the 30th november, as a part of an important meeting regarding ICT and The European Union.

22/10/2008 - II Conflictology Congress in Barcelona: attending
From October 27th to 29th, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya is hosting the second Specialists’ Congress-Meeting to analyze, study, reflect, debate, share and most of all, to discuss and emphasize proposals about the different situations in which conflicts appear. was invited to attend.

21/10/2008 - Latin America and ICTs united through ELAC
The Strategy for the Information Society in Latin America and the Caribbean (ELAC for its acronym in Spanish) has published the first of six thematic bulletins dedicated to each chapter of the eLAC2010; these bulletins can be found in the Information Society Programme portal, on the ECLAC’s website.

20/10/2008 - Why ICT's can be a development tool?
Why does work with new technologies (ICT)? or How can technologies be a tool for development and progress? we were interviewed in VITA Europe, and there we tried to explain those questions. Also,  at the end of this article we give you a video example, not an's one, but a testimony that could perfectly fit on our objectives!.

03/10/2008 - A solidarity technology caravan, via Reursa, one of its beneficiaries, has managed to get computers that will be able to bring the ICT to the North of Africa via a solidarity caravan, which will visit Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal and Gambia.

23/09/2008 - New Postraduate Course on Communitarian Intervention and Resoultion of Public Conflicts by the Universidad de Girona
This programme is the only one exclusively devoted to the management and resolution of public conflicts by all kind of institutions and entities, companies, mass media, etc with different scopes of actions such as partipipation and safety among others.

09/06/2008 - Conflicts and their relation with new technologies in’s course in Universitat de Girona.
Within the framework of the Master and postgraduate studies of resolution of public conflicts, the University of Girona ( UdG) offers four alternatives of specific training in the topic, one of which will be given by Ramón Bartomeus, Resource Manager for

21/05/2008 - New Training Offer from Connect Your Organization to New Technology
Thanks to the support of FTIC,, an NGO specializing in bringing new technology to Not-for-Profit Organizations,  is offering three new Online courses. You will definitely be interested in this!

25/03/2008 - participates in the debate about web 2.0 at the UN
Our NGO has been invited by the Global Alliance for the Information and Communication Technologies and Development (GAID), an initiative approved by the General Secretary of the UN in 2006. The alliance responds to the need and demand created by different actors of an inclusive global forum and a platform for the dialogue on the use of the ICT (Information and Communication Technologies). Through this dialogue it is expected to meet the internationally agreed objectives for development and its subsequent reduction in poverty.

08/02/2008 - According to the United Nations, there is still a lot to do in order to eliminate the digital gap
The conclusion of the Information Economy Report 2007-2008, presented by the UN, is that developing countries are very much behind developed countries regarding the adoption of the ICTs and how they are used by enterprises.

29/01/2008 - BCN 30/4: A date you can not miss
On the 30th of April, the FORUM ALTERNATIVE CHANNEL, social networks and responsible media, will be held in Barcelona, organized by and Alternative Channel. Our hope is that this forum will be a meeting place for experts in social networks, TIC and web 2.0; professionals of social and responsible communications; and third sector actors like International Groups, NGO’s and entities.

29/01/2008 - The ICT is exhibiting in 3 important Latin American events in El Salvador
The three events will take place between February 4 and 12, 2008 marking the celebration of la Ministerial Conference l l about the Society of Information in Latin America and the Caribbean, eLAC2007

09/11/2007 - was present at Humanizar 2007
The first Conference on Cooperative Social Responsibility Humanizar 2007 was held in Zaragoza on the 17th and 18th of October, promoted by the Industry and Commerce Department of the government of Aragón. organized the round table “Internet for NGO’s”.

15/10/2007 - ICT and Dependency - Opinion poll
The Vodaphone Foundation has published the opinion poll "ICT and Dependency” which deserves to reach all those organisations like ours that work to improve the environment of people at various levels of dependency.

07/09/2007 - ICT's all together for peace
ICT4D is a term that is being used increasingly at present that refers to the use of the information and communication technologies (ICT´s) for the development. If the word peace is added we refer to the use of this technology in the treatment of crisis and disputes resolution. Find out about this interesting initiative.


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