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03/10/2013 - The 6th International Conference of Conflictology and Peace
On 3 and 4 October 2013 and Smilemundo presented Smile Urbo in the 6th International Conference of Conflictology and Peace.

We presented the project 'Smile Urbo: El juego del pueblo' (The village game), supported by and carried out by Smilemundo.

22/10/2008 - II Conflictology Congress in Barcelona: attending
From October 27th to 29th, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya is hosting the second Specialists’ Congress-Meeting to analyze, study, reflect, debate, share and most of all, to discuss and emphasize proposals about the different situations in which conflicts appear. was invited to attend.

23/09/2008 - New Postraduate Course on Communitarian Intervention and Resoultion of Public Conflicts by the Universidad de Girona
This programme is the only one exclusively devoted to the management and resolution of public conflicts by all kind of institutions and entities, companies, mass media, etc with different scopes of actions such as partipipation and safety among others.

09/06/2008 - Conflicts and their relation with new technologies in’s course in Universitat de Girona.
Within the framework of the Master and postgraduate studies of resolution of public conflicts, the University of Girona ( UdG) offers four alternatives of specific training in the topic, one of which will be given by Ramón Bartomeus, Resource Manager for

07/09/2007 - ICT's all together for peace
ICT4D is a term that is being used increasingly at present that refers to the use of the information and communication technologies (ICT´s) for the development. If the word peace is added we refer to the use of this technology in the treatment of crisis and disputes resolution. Find out about this interesting initiative.

15/06/2007 - Let’s play serious?

Through this note, we invite you to know Mediatk, a project of, beneficiary of , and in it activities are picked up to approach the resolution of the daily conflicts and generate a dialogue and civic participation.


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