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06/04/2010 - interviewing our beneficiaries on their use of the Internet
For our conference at the United Nations, we made a video interviewing our beneficiaries on their relationship with the Internet and their approach to communicate effectively on the web with simple tools.

18/03/2010 - at the United Nations in Geneva
On Thursday, March 11, 2010, the team of visited the United Nations of Geneva to give a speech over web communication tools for NGOs in the context of an event for the Human Rights Council session.

26/11/2009 - Violence Against Children
The 11th United Nations NGO Forum on Human Rights was held in Stockholm July 6-7, 2000, with the plan to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.
Now the final report has been published, which will be an interesting resource for organizations working in the area.

07/09/2009 - present in the UN GAID Global Alliance for ICT and Development
 This first week of September we were in Monterrey, Mexico for the UNGAID Global Forum 2009 where, under the title of ICT and Innovation for Education, we gave continuity to the presentation first offered a year ago in the GAID meeting in New York.

06/09/2009 - World Summit Award, a prize for Catalonia
The Winners Conference of the World Summit Awards was held in Monterrey, Mexico during the first week of September 2009. Among the award recipients was Generalitat de Catalunya. was present during the awards ceremony.

06/08/2009 - We present the experience of in the Global Forum UN-GAID was invited to Monterrey (Mexico) to the “Global Forum 2009: ICT & Innovation for Education”, where we will present our experience under the name of: “Involving young people in Innovative Educational ICT Initiatives”.

29/09/2008 - ANUE one of the beneficiaries, is offering a course on redefining the current approach to development assistance.
The idea emerged as a result of the recent assessment of development assistance undertaken by the United Nations in Spain, ANUE. The course is oriented around case examples from Africa and includes some practical workshops to facilitate its understanding. ANUE is one of our organization beneficiaries and Ramon Bartemeus, Resource manager of will be facilitating one of the course workshops.

25/03/2008 - participates in the debate about web 2.0 at the UN
Our NGO has been invited by the Global Alliance for the Information and Communication Technologies and Development (GAID), an initiative approved by the General Secretary of the UN in 2006. The alliance responds to the need and demand created by different actors of an inclusive global forum and a platform for the dialogue on the use of the ICT (Information and Communication Technologies). Through this dialogue it is expected to meet the internationally agreed objectives for development and its subsequent reduction in poverty.

30/11/2007 - 1st December, World AIDS Day
While UN calls for leadership in combating AIDS, in Catalonia an organization assumes the challenge and therefore, it is awarded an Ab·core program for 2007 Web Projects and it is nominated to Volunteering Awards 2007.


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