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10/04/2013 - supports Yo apoyo el crowdfunding movement
From a long time we are involved in an idea of crowdfunding. This financing option collects projects and gives an opportunity for realization thousands of useful causes, that can bring new, quality jobs, needed help and hope. It is a vision in which we believe.

12/02/2013 - Internet for ONGs from
In order to implement a crowdfunding programme, a social base is needed, and making good use of the internet is essential for achieving this.

22/03/2012 - We're Talking about World Community Grid on Tecnonews has joined World Community Grid. In this article Ramon Bartomeus, Resources Manager of, explains more about what World Community Grid does and how you can help.

Read the complete article here.

08/02/2012 - Join forces with for World Community Grid!
World Community Grid creates a public computing network that aids projects that benefits humanity. The success of the project is dependent on individuals donating their unused computer time to the cause.

30/12/2009 - in the "Contes del món" jury
COMSOC - Comunicació Social has announced the first  podcast competition about Tales of the World "Contes del Món" adressed to students of the primary and secundary education in Barcelona. is going to be part of the jury, as "Contes del món" is part of's Ab·core program.

You can listen to the stories on-line (in catalan or spanish language) and get to know this fantastic initiative.

16/07/2007 - The agenda is now ready for the XX Voluntary Service World Conference in Panamá

The XX Voluntary Service World Conference will take place in Panamá from April 2 -5 next year under the heading of " Voluntary Service for the Development of Mankind: More Solidarity, less Poverty"

20/06/2007 - A challenge for ICT’s and their penetration in Sub-Saharan Africa

The NGO Benin-Emergence, the World Summit Association WSA, and the government of the Republic of Benin are organizing an exclusive meeting of African leaders to discuss how the e-Contents (contents of Internet) can help promote development in Western Africa.


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